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Let's Create a Memorable Event Together

The Garden City Big Band is the ideal band to perform at your event.  Whether you are looking for musical entertainment for a wedding,  corporate event or charity event, we can put together a package for you that will turn your event into one to remember.

Please get in touch with us using the following contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP with a quote and more information.

Please also read below to find out more about what you get when you hire the Garden City Big Band.


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We pay attention to detail and our focus is on giving you the best experience possible.


The Garden City Big Band features a great line-up of talented players, many of whom have years of experience playing in a number of different bands. The band as a whole has been providing wedding entertainment for many years and brings a wealth of experience to your special day.

Visual Impact

The full band set up on stage with instruments looks great and never fails to impress wedding guests – especially when the band begins to play, producing the full sound that only a live big band can.


The Garden City Big Band is a 17 piece band – this large number of musicians means we can produce a depth and richness of sound that no smaller band could produce.


We are able to play a wide range of different styles which will keep all wedding guests happy. We are able to adapt to any venue – large or small.


We will work with you before your wedding day to help you create a list of songs/music from our existing repertoire, including the music for your first dance. Some couples (or their family members) request to be able to sing a few numbers themselves and we are always happy to accommodate these requests providing there is enough time to rehearse.


We are always happy to arrange to meet with you personally after your initial enquiry to discuss your requirements and to view your proposed venue. We will stay in touch with you throughout your planning process to make sure than none of your requests or plans are forgotten.

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